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Secured Bridge Loan Investment

Welcome to Position Benefits

Position Benefits LLC was established in the summer of 2013 as a full time supplier of Secured Bridge Loan Investments for conservative investors looking for a 1 year 5% option. This was a result of the overwhelming demand that came of having a SAFE and SECURED, short term option paying a higher than market rate of return.

The founder of the company is Chuck Nilosek, formerly of SHP Financial.  His reputation in the field of asset protection, safe investing arena, makes him and his team the ideal ambassadors to this popular option.

These highly sought after opportunities are compared to Certificates of Deposits offered by commercial banks, yet are NOT covered by the FDIC.  Due to the fact that Position Benefits deals entirely with SAFETY, it was important that every dollar of our clients hard earned money be SECURED in the most air tight way possible. Every investor putting money aside for this short term vehicle will retain a 1st position lien on a fully vetted and recently appraised, piece of commercial property.  These investments are then publicly filed in the city/town of said property adding an extra layer of third party assurance.  Whatever level of sophistication a client might have with real estate and alternative investments, the fact remains that protection, growth and smart choices will win out in just about every circumstance.  The job of the Position Benefits team is to bring in the right client, spend the time educating them and leading them down a path of prosperity.


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